Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy is Good!!

We had an IUI?? Where was I at?

So last month the TWW (Two week wait) was agonizing!  I read into every little thing my body did (I figured out my intestines move A LOT!).  Last month was also the first cycle I was put on progesterone so I had never felt all the side effects that progesterone causes.  This cycle I was prepared for that so I haven't been reading into every little thing my body does.

Another thing that helped is we were so stinking busy that our IUI's feel like a distant memory.  As I said in my last post my Grandpa passes away when our monitoring began and my salon had a huge event on the day of our first IUI.  Crazy week but it was a great distraction. 

 We have to get pregnant this time because Charlie picked our

His light eyes always make him look like a devil dog.. It's not even RED-eye it's  GREEN-eye

Ok here is the story...

We haven't had the best of luck with our lucky sock choices (Brent is not allowed to pick as he FAILED last month)  so I was re-thinking the whole "lucky socks" thing.  I actually hate wearing socks.  I have a large drawer full of socks because I always think they are so cute but I HATE wearing them.  My feet get claustrophobic what can I say.  Sooooo, I decided...

NO SOCKS= Lucky Cycle??

Friday morning we went in SOCK-LESS and had our first IUI.  Then we went home and our sweet little Charlie comes running to greet us with a pair of my socks in his month.  It was so funny!  I guess I should have asked him sooner HaaHaa!!

Good pick Charlie

Funny thing is these were the socks I wore during "my best" softball game last year but it was also the game I broke my ankle so I went back and forth last cycle about wearing them.  Charlie chose for me this cycle

I wore the "Lucky Socks" that Charlie chose to our second IUI on Saturday.  So we figured we've covered all the bases, socks and sock-less (if only making it work were that easy but every little bit helps, RIGHT??).  Hopefully Charlie isn't sabotaging our baby making because he wants to stay the baby.. hmmmm, I didn't really think of that.  Haahaa~

He's a cute baby that's for sure~

Next distraction.... HAIRWARS

Every year our salon competes in Hairwars, a local hair competition where the last salon standing wins advertising for the business.  It gets really intense.  Every salon comes up with a theme and you not only create some crazy hair but you coordinate the outfits, make-up, music and choreography (I head up the music, choreography and of course styling a couple of models).  We always put a lot of work into our show and every year we get better.  Soon we'll have it down to a science.

We also host a separate fashion show/fund raiser that benefits a local animal sanctuary (we are BIG animal lovers at our salon!!)  We have raffles, silent auctions, food, drinks and fun and all the proceeds go to the foundation. 

This year we decided to host our own HAIRWARS and combined that event with our yearly fund raiser.  We rented out a local country club and invited local salons to compete.  We gathered donations from local businesses and had vendors at the event.  It was a great success.  We definitely learned a lot and will do some tweaking next time to make it even better.  Over all it came down to the fund raiser and we raised OVER $4,000.00!

We donated all the proceeds to HARTSONG RANCH, an animal sanctuary where they believe every life is worth living.  They take in animals that are otherwise un-adoptable and give them a home.  It is an amazing organization to work with and I am so happy we were able to raise so much money for them.  Next year will be even more!!  
(Sorry some of the pics are a little grainy...)

It all started Monday when we did a mock HAIRWARS on the morning news show.  The theme was animals, can you guess what they are??

We did a ZOMBIE theme but it turned into sexy zombies, not scary

It is hard to see the hair detail but everyone looked great

The models were laughing at me bossing them around when I am like a child looking up at them..They are all so TALL

Everyone did a great job, STYLIST and MODELS

Thank goodness it is over and it all came together.  It is always so much work and we threaten to NEVER do it again but then a few months go by, we forget the pain and we start talking about our theme for the next one.  In fact I've already started thinking... Any suggestions???

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  1. Crossing my fingers that those socks are LUCKY! if they are, you'll have to mail them to me.

    We just got word i grew a cyst last cycle, so this cycle we're off injects and just doing it "natural". So we'll see where that leads. Ugh.

    And love the hairwars, the cause is such a good one!