Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shots anyone??

I want the shot that gets me PREGNANT.. Not tipsy..

So we jumped right into another cycle but this time we went with an injectable cycle.  Gonal-F to be exact.  My nurse coordinator thought we had a "pen" of gonal-f and so she explained how to use that.  I felt super comfortable since my Hubby is a Type-1 Diabetic and he uses an insulin "pen" everyday.  All you do is dial the amount of  of meds you need and inject.  Simple, right? Well the first night we went to take the shot I opened our box and it was a couple vials and a variety of needles.  WHAT?  Where is the pen?  Still I wasn't that worried because Hubby takes "night" insulin that comes in a vial that he has to load in a needle so, he has no problems with this concept.  Our issue however was trying to determine what line to fill the meds to.  It had IU numbers but not on every line and of course not the number we needed.  Now it was getting late and I was supposed to take it at a certain time so I started to stress.  We were both panicking.  I didn't want to get too much, but I definitely wanted to make sure I got enough.  Finally, we came to our senses and divided the two numbers to find out what the number in between the lines was and it was what we needed, 112.5.  So after an eventful start to the shot party we figured it out and it was all downhill from there.

After 10 days of meds we went in for monitoring.  Like I said in my last post, it was some crazy timing with my Grandpa's passing but such is life.  Our first monitoring was the day of the family viewing.  Here is how the day went:

9 am- First monitoring appt... 3 follicles almost ready but not quite.  instructed to do one more dose of gonal-f and come back the next day. 

10 am- First client.  Hubby ran home to get my shot as I had forgotten it at home.

11am- Second client (Grandma, had to get her in to look extra pretty for the funeral)  Went in the back room to take my shot before I started Grams hair and I couldn't get all the medication out of the vial.  Again, panic set in and I started to freak out.  I was so worried the follicles weren't going to grow in time and I was going to mess up the cycle.  Hubby to the rescue (AGAIN).  I called him and told him what was going on and he came down and got all the medication out.  THANK GOODNESS!!  If we would had to open a new vial we would have wasted it.  It only last 30 days after opening so that would have been 600.00+ dollars down the drain. 

12-6 pm- Slammed with clients all day.

4 pm- Got a call from the fertility clinic and my blood test showed my estrogen levels were low so we needed to pick up a prescription for that night.

6 pm- Rushed to pick up Hubby..Rushed to pick up prescription... Rushed to family viewing. 

It was such a mix of emotions.  We are trying to get settled to get ready for the IUI but then I am faced with mourning the loss of my Grandpa.  It was a difficult time to say the least but there was also some comfort being around family and celebrating the life of my Grandpa.  Something about being out of my head and focusing on something other than fertility. 

The next day was our next monitoring and the day of my Grandpa's funeral.  The monitoring went great, 3 follicles.  2 on the right 1 on the left, all 18 mm.  Grandpa's funeral went really well too.  It was a really nice service.  We had lots of laughs and cries.  It was great to be around all my cousins and truly celebrate the life of our grandpa.

The day was not over.  All the cousins went and played games in honor of Grandpa but I had a HUGE salon event the next day and I was in charge of the food.  I conned my family into helping so it was off to my moms to make food for over 200 people.  We were at it till late into the night so our IUI the next morning was not on my mind to say the least. 


  1. Its amazing the strength you have when you need it most..you amaze me all the time..

  2. First, thanks for stopping by my blog. Second, so sorry about the loss of your grandpa. Third, yay for being cycle buddies! Hope and pray that we both get our BFPs this month.

    As a side note, this is my 3rd cycle on Gonal-F. I actually prefer the multi-dose vial. You get more meds for the money. It's listed as a 450 IU vial, but you can usually get about 600 IU out of it. That's why my dr prescribes it that way most often. Good luck!

  3. So sorry to hear about your grandpa... my thoughts are with you.

    And, we start our first cycle of injectibles this cycle. We got our BFN on Monday so I'm waiting for AF to rear her (possibly ugly due to Progesterone supps) head sometime this week. Then we start Follistim, which is the pen. I'm super nervous about it, but hope we get good results like you do. Good luck!