Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's better to be LUCKY then GOOD~

~Not only a SMILEY but an IUI to boot~

So after my depression that I wasn't getting a "smiley" on my OPT I started to get so stressed.  I kept thinking; Did I miss it, Should I have started testing earlier in the week, Was I going to ovulate at all?  I tested 3 more times to no avail.  The circle was still empty inside.  We had an appt on Monday and I was preparing myself for a flopped cycle when I did my final OPT.  My heart skipped a beat when that smile popped up.  I couldn't believe it,  I had to test again, unfortunately I was all out of pee so I had to trust the first test.  YEAHHHHHH  finally!!

So, heading into our appt I was all giddy until I was on the table.  A rush of anxiety came over me.  What if I didn't develop a large enough follicle or what if I didn't produce a follicle at all?  Right at that moment it was like my Hubby read my mind.  He said, "Man this process is so hard on you ladies.  You go from good news, to no news, to bad news.  Such an emotional roller-coaster.  I am so sorry Hun."  It was so true, I walked into the office on top of the world and now I was low again.  Thankfully, this month there was a happy ending (so far).  Dr. A came in, did my ultrasound and what did she find??  FOLLICLES!  Big ones.  My body had not let me down this month and the nightmare of the Zombie Bitch was worth it (again, so far).  

So after a shot in the booty we were sent home till the morning.  That's where the "lucky" comes into my story.  I figured a little superstition couldn't hurt (hey I'm doing everything else) so I wore my lucky softball socks.  Picking the socks was the hardest decision yet.  My best softball game last year was also the game I broke my ankle. Is that good or bad?  I fretted about this for weeks now and couldn't make up my mind so finally, I just let my Hubby choose his favorite.  I figure at least if this IUI doesn't work I can blame Him and HIS sock choice HaaHaa HeeHee (a little ZB may still be lingering).  Now we are officially starting the dreaded two week wait.  Here we go.~

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